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Virtually all Americans were impacted by WWII in one way or another.

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War Ration Book No. 3
During WWII, the United States Government mandated the rationing of specific goods, foodstuffs, and items. This included meats, fats, fish, diary products, tires, and fuel oil in addition to other materials that were needed to support the war…

Snapshots at Home
A small collection of Velox snapshot photographs with serviceman Robert Stahl, his wife, Beverly, and their son, Bob. Top Row, Left to Right: 1. Photo album exterior 2.Album center open 3. Robert and Beverly Stahl, Miami Beach June 1945 4. Robert in…

"Victory" Milk Cap
This is a "Victory" Milk Cap advertising war bonds.

Ration Coupon
Rationing Coupons from during World War II

"World War II as I Remember It:" An Account of the War by Dr. Ann Elwood
The following passage was written by Dr. Ann Elwood and describes her memories of WWII.

"This scanned picture of me, age 14, doing a back bend, was taken in the summer of 1945, between the end of the war in Europe and the end of the war with…
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