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Irving Rosenberg Collection


Irving Rosenberg's service in the United States Secret Service




Professor Alyssa Sepinwall and Mr. Irving Roseberg


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Letter: Frank J. Wilson to Irving Rosenberg, Washington, D.C., December 3, 1945.
This is a letter sent by the chief of the Secret Service, Frank J. Wilson, to Irving Rosenberg, a yeoman for the navy. The letter is thanking Rosenberg for submitting his picture to be used on the cover of a publication called, "The Record."

Cover of the Secret Service Publication "The Record"
This is a picture of the cover of "The Record," a weekly Secret Service publication bulletin. On the cover, is a picture of Irving Rosenberg who served in the Navy.

Roster of Secret Service Agents Who Served in the Armed Forces
This is a picture of a mahogany plaque that stood in the office of Frank J. Wilson. Wilson was the chief of the United States Secret Service. The plaque displays the names of Secret Service agents, members of the White House Police Force and theā€¦
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