CSUSM History Harvest:  WWII

(Re)Collecting the Greatest Generation

Welcome to the CSUSM History Harvest!

This digital archive, an ongoing project created by faculty and students of the Department of History at California State University San Marcos, is devoted to presenting our community’s World War II artifacts. A history harvest is a community event where volunteer contributors allow historians to digitally preserve items that have historical importance. In our case, we have chosen to limit our collection to artifacts from WWII. Examples of artifacts that people have contributed to our collection include: letters, maps, photos, memorabilia, flags, and many other items that have been digitized in order to preserve them in a digital format. We have divided our collection into three exhibits: The European Theater, The Pacific Theater, and the Homefront.  Additionally, to memoralize those who died in the Holocaust, this archive features a separate section linked at the left where items and rememberences are archived.

For more information regarding our purpose and other general information, check our About page or contact us at: jwatts@csusm.edu.

Recently Added Items

This is a photo of Virgil Painter holding a baby before he was deployed.

This is a picture of Virgil and Christine Painter taken at a family reunion in 2008.